BY: Adam Gavriel

It appears we’re sticking with some solid proverbs here on out of our mind. Last week it was “know before you go” and today it is “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Today’s blog won’t actually be covering a book, but it will be breaking down the cover.

The 9.1% unemployment rate that was recorded in May for the US seems to go so much deeper than just that number. People now referring to the time we’re in as “The Great Recession” believe this to be one of the hardest economic downturns the country has taken since The Great Depression.

A statistic from an article in the USNews published yesterday says that nearly 3 million Americans who are unemployed have stopped their search for the next job. This to me is the most disheartening statistic of them all, but it goes further. The article reports that Hiring reports have skydived to 10,248 in May down from nearly 60,000 in April.

Possibly most interesting (depressing) to me however was the notion that many firms are now hiring temporary help rather than long – term employees. In nearly every job posting on Crossroads Consultingthe firms we are working for seek employees with job loyalty. But this quote in the US News explains why most of the resumes we get include the fact that people have had to be jumping from job to job.

We understand why this is necessary, and why employees have to do what they do including job hopping. This is exactly the reason why we stress so many other things here on Out of Our Mind. We know that the job market is tough; if expert analysts are deeming this the Great Recession then times are definitely hard. Twenty-three months into any normal recession recovery and numbers would surely be much higher than they are now, but with the way the world’s economy is moving other things have to be changed. If we, a recruitment firm, understand why you’ve been hopping from job to job, then so do the employers we work for.

But impressing your future employer depends much more on just what job you have had. Your skills need to be developed. Stressing major skills in your cover letter and resume that you pick up are necessary from the job description are key. Learning about the company you’re applying to in order to feature new knowledge in a job interview can go a long way.

The sub-title of the US News article featured today was… “We now have more idle men and women than at any time since the Great Depression.” Remember when you’re applying for a job you are battling all those men and women who may be applying for the same job you are. This quote alone goes to show you again just how important it is to spend your time away from work doing the things you can do to make your job search easier.

All of these tips have been featured here in the past on Out of Our mind, and if you want more please keep checking back.

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