BY: Adam Gavriel

While the American economy continues to recover slowly, the Connecticut economy has had trouble falling suit. As numbers from the beginning of the year begin to be broken down more fully, Connecticut has fallen off the National pace.

According to a report from the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, the Connecticut department of labor announced that CT had lost 5,700 jobs in February. This news is even more heartbreaking considering Connecticut had ADDED 6400 jobs in January.

This would cause the CT Unemployment rate to rise to 8% off the national average which now stands at 7.6%

Economist Pete Giola called the report “disappointing.”

“It’s very disappointing – we really have a very negative report here,” Giola said. “It points to the real need for policymakers to do everything they can to help businesses grow jobs here.” 

Over the past 12 months, Connecticut has added just 2400 jobs, while recovering only 40% of the 121,000 jobs lost during the peak years of this recession.


Only government positions (900) and manufacturing (400) added jobs in CT in February. Professional and business services dropped 2400 jobs, Education and health lost 2300, financial activities (700), leisure and hospitality (500), trade, transportation, and utilities (300), information (100), and construction (100), all lost jobs.

So where are the jobs in CT you might ask? Danbury and Norwich-New London were the only locations to add jobs, adding 300 and 100 jobs respectively.

Hartford took the biggest hit losing 2500 positions, followed by Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, 2400,  New Haven lost 1700 and Waterbury would lose 300.

As the nation recovers at a tortoise’s pace, it is time for CT to follow suit.

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