By: Adam Gavriel

While celebrating the last day of classes and going through my normal computer routine, New York Rangers news, funny pictures, more Rangers, fantasy sports, some Call of Duty, and finally if I’m feeling educational I like to jump on over to and see if I can learn anything about the Marketing industry I plan on entering when I leave school.

Today what caught my eye was an article titled “If Your World Is Your Office, You Won’t Learn or Grow” and it caught my eye for all the wrong reasons. I have to admit I am a person who would enjoy sitting at the computer alone rather than getting out there and networking, something I truly have to work on in the near future. I decided to click the link and find out what I’m missing in the big bad world.

The passage from the article that made me think of Mitch Beck and Crossroads Consultingread:

Imagine if every day was routine: same drive into town to the office; sitting at my desk; meetings in our conference rooms — you get it. Now imagine a break in that routine by spending more time with thinkers from other industries. Consultants. Attending conferences. Hearing alternate points of view. Meeting new and fascinating people”

The author of the article, Marc Brownstein, really drives home his point with this passage but not only that, he drives home the fact that networking and building new connections is the name of the game.

However, Marc only discusses the in-person method of networking, but with new social media tools being evolved and created every day you may not have to leave your desk to get that new connection that might land you a great job. I know Mitch and I built our relationship via Twitter with general conversations regarding Howlings.netand the New York Rangers. A perfect example about how a connection, built entirely on similar interests, can land you a job.

If you’re not on your social media game, it’s time to step it up. Just today Mitch tweeted and posted on facebookthree huge job opportunities (Chief Marketing Officer in the franchising industry, a SAS Developer & a Business Developer with Gov’t exp) via LinkedIn and without the right connections YOU could be missing out on huge opportunities within your area of expertise.

So head on over to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and get connected.

Get out of the office – away from the computer and your smartphone and have lunch with a few friends, who knows what opportunities they might know about.

But most importantly, don’t miss your chance over at Crossroad Consulting’s job listings on landing that job you always wanted.

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