By: Amy Schlubach

A few people I know have used big job board websites to apply for jobs, and for them they claim they were worthless.


It obviously works for some people or they would not exist. Someone must be having some luck using them.

The truth is that luck really does play a big part of it.

On any of the “good jobs” posted, companies and their HR staff receive sometimes hundreds of resumes and nobody has the time to sort through so many, so quite often an initial glance is all you get…sometimes not even that. So your odds of getting an interview, unless your resume is a perfect mirror image of the job description is at best, pretty slim.

“Too often, job seekers turn to large, well-known job boards like Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder.com, or SimplyHired. But tapping into niche sites, which offer listings for a specific industry or location, increases your chances not only of finding the job you’re looking for, but also of landing that job, experts say.”- U.S News

In other words, if you are applying for jobs listed on the large online job board sites, you could just be wasting your time. If you’re looking for the best place to go to look for the best jobs, try smaller sites like CrossroadsConsulting.com. The recruiters at CrossroadsConsulting.com are aware of far more specific positions and will be better suited to guide you to the jobs where you stand the best chance of having success.

CrossroadsConsulting.com is speaking to and in direct contact with hiring managers of all kinds of companies; large, small, public and private and in a whole slew of industries. The bulk of their opportunities are ones that are not listed on the job sites out there and can be found either just on their site or not at all.

But to maximize your chances of success, you must network, network, network.

Everyone has heard how important networking is to finding a good job.  If your LinkedIn connections are not helping; if you’ve used your Facebook to death and you’ve tried all the other sites out there, have you included the professionals at Crossroads Consulting yet?

Crossroads Consulting can be your instant connection. The Recruiters at Crossroads Consulting, if you are qualified for it, they “can get you in.”


They know people. Crossroads Consulting has been in business for 15 years. They have great relationships with a multitude of hiring managers in a plethora of industries from entry-level gigs and the way through the top.

The companies Crossroads Consulting works with have hiring managers who tell them both who and what, they are looking for, and then they go out and find it.

If you’re the right fit, then you’re in!

Crossroads Consulting’s staff does not want to see you treated just as a client, but like you’re a friend.  Crossroads will recommend you and “sell” your skills to hiring managers.  You’ll find them all very easy to get along with and because they like to use humor instead of the usually very serious attitude of job hunting, they make it a lot more fun.

What’s most fascinating is their commitment to customer service. They genuinely care about you and want to find you the job that suits you the most.

Using Crossroads Consulting to help you on your job search is like having your friend recommending you to a client who is hiring.  Those little connections matter big time when it comes to job hunting.

To succeed at locating a position in an economy this bad, you need someone to advocate on your behalf. That is what Crossroads Consulting thrives on and it will give you a huge lead into finding a job during these hard times.

Remember, at CrossroadsConsulting.com, it is about putting the ‘human’ back into human resources.

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