BY: Adam Gavriel

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll only 19% of potential US voters believe that the United States is heading in the right direction. The survey was conducted via telephone of 3,500 likely voters.

You may think that 19% is an abomination of a number and should be much higher than it is, however this measured 19% is the highest level measured in two months of weekly tracking by Rasmussen. On the other hand, this same 19% is down 10 points from last year’s confidence at this same date.

Confidence was at a high peaking at 40% until May 2009 when the number has been steadily declining since, roughly 5 months into Obama’s tenure as the President of the United States.

Conversely 75% of voters say that the country is heading down the wrong track, showing minimal change in the last few surveys conducted. Republicans feature a number as high as 91% while those not affiliated by a political party are also at a very high 82% Even Democrats are now above the majority with a 53% belief that the country is heading down the wrong path.

These confidence ratings seem to be in direct correlation with the unemployment rate of the US. In May of 2009 when the confidence index was at its highest, the US unemployment rate was at a staggering 9.4 percent. From May 2009 to September 2011 the unemployment rate has risen as high as 10.1 percent in October 2009 and as low as 8.8% in March 2011.

With no end in sight to the unemployment rate continuing to drop, American’s confidence in the path this country is currently trending towards may continue to drop.

Couple these numbers with the fact that only 14% of American’s believe that current economic conditions in the country are getting better, and among active investors, only 15% believe the same.

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