BY: Adam Gavriel

In a featured blog released this Tuesday on the Huffington Post, Representative Scott Peters (DemocratCalifornia) preached to the importance of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the United States.

Entrepreneurs and innovative Americans often lead to opening small businesses. If you are new here to us at Out Of Our Mind, we have discussed in the past just how important small businesses are to driving the engine that is the American economy.

What you may not know about small businesses is that they account for the employment of nearly half of all private sector employees, have generated 65 percent of net new jobs over the past 19 years, and hire 43 percent of high tech workers.  You can see all the facts you may not know at our post about small businesses here. 

Numbers like this don’t lie. Small businesses are the key cog in the machine, and entrepreneurs and innovators are the types of people who put the key in the engine.

Rep. Scott Peters is a politician who is fully aware of what small businesses mean to America, and is doing what he can to promote the innovators that are so important to this country.

“Recently, I introduced a resolution in Congress that would deem the third Tuesday of each November as ‘National Entrepreneurs’ Day,’ sending the message to entrepreneurs across the country that Congress is serious about supporting them. But this is only a step in the right direction.”

The piece continued:

“It’s time that partisanship took a backseat to doing what’s right for the 54 percent of young Americans who, according to the Kauffman Foundation, want to start a small business at some point in their future.”

Words are great, congressman, now let’s see some action!

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Remember, Crossroads Consulting is here to inspire innovators, to resume innovating, and to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’.

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