Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you otherwise, but what you major is in college has an effect on your chances of employment. A study conducted by utSanDiego.com found that art, humanities, or social science majors could all expect an unemployment rate of greater than 8.5% after graduation.

A promising number occurred in the measure of graduates with Education or Health Care majors showing that the unemployment rate was less than 5.5% The educational system is where a lot of money and investment should be put, and the low unemployment rate for those graduating with those degrees shows that jobs are being created in an industry so important to the countries future.

On the other side of the spectrum, architecture majors find themselves facing an unemployment rate of 13.9% which can be attributed to the stalling housing market. In fact, the whole engineering field has taken a hit from the previously sparkling post-graduation unemployment numbers. Those majoring in the engineering field lucky enough to find work can expect an average starting salary of $55,000.

Though even with the unemployment numbers where they are, having a college degree is extremely important in finding work. Conversely, the same degree can lead to underemployment.Unemployment rounds out at about 8.9% for those with college education. For recent high school graduates however it remains at a staggering 22.9% and an even more astonishing 31.5% for high school dropouts. The value of any college degree cannot be undermined.

As a business administration major, with a social sciences (Political Science to be exact) minor, I can attest to some of these findings. When choosing my major of Business Administration and seeking acceptance into the University at Buffalo’s School of Management, it was not because of what life after college would be like, but because it’s what I’m most interested in. In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t recommend a lower-classmen college student changing their major on the findings of this study. Though utSanDiego.com shows that some majors can lead to more promising employment numbers, it also shows that any degree can get you where you want to go. As mentioned in the article, social science majors my find themselves at a tough crossroads when they graduate, but not to forget that Ronald Reagan and Martin Luther King Jr. were sociology majors.

Education is the major factor, but doing what you love doing can lead to improving your other intangible measures in life.

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