5 R’s

BY: Adam Gavriel

In business when the bottom-line is the be-all end-all of the company (which let’s just admit here, most of the time it is) companies need to focus on retaining their talent. It’s no secret that the more money a company makes, the more personnel it can hire. And of course, with all the focus on the unemployment rate, with the 2012 Presidential Election tomorrow, isn’t that what the big-picture is all about these days? Companies need to be able to bring in talent, but more important than that is retaining their human capital.

Most business models will tell you that it is cheaper to promote from within, to keep employees around rather than make a new-hire. These may be  discouraging words for some of you who may find yourself out of work these days, but they’re true words that need to be heard. This particular entry on our  blog will be a little more targeted to the companies rather than the individual.

David K. Williams, a contributor to Forbes.com, wrote an article entitled “The 5 R’s For Building Lifelong Relationships With Employees.For those of you familiar with the NBC comedy, “The Office,” my mind also shot right away to Michael Scott whose goal in the office was to not only keep the medium-sized paper company afloat in tough times, but to make his employees part of his life. And of course who could ignore the scene from “Rookie of the Year” where pitching coach Brickma (played by the movie’s director, Daniel Stern) teaches 12 year old Chicago Cubs rookie pitcher Henry Rowengartner the “three R’s” to being a big league pitcher: readiness, recuperation, and conditioning. Luckily for Forbes.com, Mr. Williams actually stuck to the letter ‘R.’

Here are Mr. Williams’ 5 R’s…


This is a great one. It’s important to show your employees that you trust them. Not only that however, is the delegating of projects that utilize skills that an opening position within the company might require. By this the company could be operating a somewhat “extended period of training” on employees that they have already hired.


Just a little bit.

I think respect speaks for itself in this aspect. Positive reinforcement is never a bad idea from a boss to an employee. Show your employees they’re not only appreciated, but necessary in the work team. If an employee feels as if they belong, they will be less likely to search for work elsewhere.


A bit of a tough one here to include in the list. It would be nearly impossible to tie revenue-sharing to all employees wages. While performance bonuses are quite common in the workplace these days, it would be quite difficult to tie an exact number to employees’ wages. Just ask the National Hockey League how difficult revenue sharing can be.


Of course very similar to revenue-sharing, rewards can be so much more than money. Plaques, company related property (a leather bound folder with a logo, or clothing) or even just a team dinner can go a long way in showing the respect (back to that ‘R’) that a boss has for his or her employees.

Relaxation Time

This is a new trend entering the work-place. As my generation (Gen-Y) enters the workforce, many of my peers expect to have significant time to spend away from work; with their families or future families that they plan on having. A very contrasting change from the previous Gen-X and Baby-Boomer generation who might have just expected work-time to be work time, and any family interaction after that was simply a gift. Gen-Y’ers might also expect work-time to not always be so stressful, and not only be about work. It’s an interesting concept, but it is a trend that seems to be rapidly changing within the workforce as more and more Generation-Y babies enter their professional lives.

And there are Mr. Williams’ “5 R’s” with a bit of commentary to boot.

Remember though, if you are a job hopeful looking to enter a company that believes in these standards, here at Crossroads Consulting we work with great companies all across the nation to get American’s working. At Crossroads Consulting we believe fully in these 5 R’s and we express that belief from our employees to the clients we work with. Everybody deserves that chance at respect, and we will be sure to read your resume from top to bottom. We also have services to help you out including resume optimization and interview preparation. We’re not only trying to get you working, but we’re here to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’

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