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6768095235_a935389ae1BY: Kevin Harper (E-mail)

MONROE, CT – Young people just graduating college or who have recently graduated are presented with a key life decision, “Do I go to work for someone else or do I take the chance and go into a business for myself.”approaching a recruiting firm like

Some people will look at that decision and ask friends, and family and some come to ask a recruiting firm like Crossroads Consulting, LLC, their input as to how to decide.

Chris McPadden made that decision many years ago. He decided that the route best suited for him was to start his own business. McPadden is the owner and general manager of Mr. Mac’s Canteen, a restaurant in Tollgate Plaza in Monroe, CT.

For McPadden, like other young people had a choice in which direction to take in his life. His decision was a challenge because sitting in front of him was a family business or an opportunity to go his own way.

“Actually, (Mac’s Canteen) has been a family business now for over three Generations,” McPadden stated. McPadden’s son Shane makes Mr. Mac’s now officially a third generation family business. “My dad started working for the old place we owned since he was fifteen years old. We’ve been here in Monroe for sixteen years and my Milford location for fourteen years. We sold our old place, the Merritt Canteen, seventeen years ago.”

One of the difficult choices an employer has, and why they call on recruiters like Crossroads Consulting, LLC is finding good help. For the restaurant business, McPadden knows what he’s looking for in a good employee.

“I want someone who shows up, works hard, isn’t afraid to come in early, that genuinely cares about his job and the quality of the work being produced and who puts forth their best effort, day in and day out.”

So for the person trying to decide on which choice to take in life, entrepreneur or as a corporate employee, McPadden broke it down into a simple list of Pros and Cons.

“For the Pros I’d say that control of my destiny and well-being is at the top of the list. Having control over finances, not answering to corporate bigwigs and the ability to pick your own staff. I also like that the harder you work the more you get in return. That you have a better handle on trust and can work with family and that if something comes up and you need a personal day there’s the relief to know there’s someone there I can trust. There are also no quotas for sales, and so on.

“I also like that I can be respected and connected to my own community where I grew up and have quality control of products/service and can be creative and control my own Marketing.”

McPadden also said there are also a fair share of negatives to entrepreneurialism too.

“Some of the cons to being self-employed include the stress of making a living with no other support, paying own medical benefits, staffing and the constant stress of employees not showing up, longer hours, weekends mean nothing, and if something goes wrong, you are responsible regardless,” McPadden said. “There’s also the stress from calls late at night for alarms, etc., sometimes there’s less income if the market or location opportunity is suffering. You’re responsible for all employees welfare at all times and there’s never one task – always many that are hard to juggle!”

No matter which path you choose, going on your own as a business owner or looking to climb the corporate ladder, whether you’ve recently finished school or you’re seriously considering a major career change, success is achievable.

If you’re leaning more towards the corporate path and need a hand up for find your place on the corporate ladder, you may want to look at the available job opportunities at Crossroads Consulting’s website. You can find them HERE!


Degree-vs.-TalentBY: Bryan Herlihy 

MONROE, CT – It’s no secret that achieving a college degree increases your earning potential when you’re looking for a job. But, is the theory correct that the more prestigious degree you add to your resume, the better the chance you have of earning an even higher salary.

There are always those on the other side of the argument who think that degree is not so meaningful and they will incite billionaire entrepreneurs like, Apple Founder, Steve Jobs of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. None of those men obtained a college degree; but they are among the most successful businesspeople in the world.

There are lots of reasons that people don’t finish college. Some were just not cut out for college, some couldn’t afford college or, as is most commonly the case, someone needed to go to work and couldn’t afford to be in school.  While people can struggle without getting a degree, it does NOT mean that a person’s career is over. Crossroads Consulting, LLC offers a ton of opportunities for those with degrees and those without.

For those without a degree, their professional career is FAR from over.  There are ways around not having a college degree and still becoming successful.  With dedication and hard work, achieving their career goals are attainable.

A candidate currently working with Crossroads Consulting is a Marketing Manager and leads the communications department as well.  This individual is an excellent example of someone who’s beaten the statistics. This person went to a local college for one year before dropping out. According to an article published by the United States Department of Labor, (see chart below) had this individual fallen into the statistic for those with the same level of experience, the candidate would be earning $38,376 a year ($738 a week). However, through the hard work and dedication and the sacrifices this person has made, they’ve managed to climb the corporate ladder and is earning more than someone would had they obtained a doctorate degree.


So if you’re in a job search and you don’t have a four-year degree, it doesn’t mean you are permanently detained and restrained from having a successful career.

What you need is an advocate. Someone who can blow your horn and help the right company take notice. You need the professionals at Crossroads Consulting. Check out their job listings  HERE and they’ll be more than happy to help you get yourself on the path to prosperity.