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The year 2014 is here, and with the change in year, can come a change in heart. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. Perhaps the line between 2013 and 2014 will provide greener pastures for the American job seekers.

With reports hitting the media that the economy is on the uptick, Americans everywhere appear more optimistic about the productivity of the American economy. But what about America’s lost citizens? The long-term unemployed? What can they do to make sure 2014 isn’t as dismal as 2013 was? 

Many people like to use the New Year to their goals advantage. Gyms will be packed with new members from January to February, for example. Unfortunately for the job seeker, getting a job isn’t as easy as finding a gym to be a member of – and boy do you want to make sure that you’re still with it passed February.

Here are some New Year’s Resolutions for the job seeker that can help you out in your 2014 quest.

  1. Perfect your resume. Whether it’s fair or not, your resume is going to be the portal into the interview room. If it’s off-putting – regardless of the information featured – it’s going to have a tough time getting put into the “call back” pile. We recommend one page featuring your most recent and relevant experience. You can always add more information in a cover letter.
  2. Make connections. This is another clean way into the interview room. Sometimes it’s more about who you know than what you know. Utilize your friends, family, and the Internet. If you’re not on LinkedIn, get on LinkedIn. Not only is it a great way to make connections, but it is also a job board.
  3. Use your connections. This is even more important than #2. Making connections is easy, using them is the hard part. Saying you’ll go to the gym every day from now on is easy, using the gym past February is tough to sustain. 

I wish I could come to the blog today and tell you that one of your resolutions should simply be: “get a job” but I know it’s not that easy.

Here at Crossroads Consulting, we empathize greatly with the job seeking American. We take it personally every time we hear a story, every time we work with an applicant. As it is our job to get America working again.

Come on over to our website to take a look at our current job openings. If you’re working on our number one New Year’s resolution, feel free to inquire about our recommended resume service.

Our New Year’s resolution will be to continue putting the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’, and we will be proud to work with you in the coming New Year.

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