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BY: Adam Gavriel

While unemployed, especially if you’re one of America’s long-term unemployed, it’s hard to stay on the right path. It’s hard to make sure that your priorities are balanced and that you are doing the right things. The fact of the matter is, there isn’t only one right way to get a job, but there are plenty of wrong ways to make sure that you stay stuck where you are.

What’s the definition of insanity again? Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Here are a few “Do’s and don’ts” of time unemployed. Continue reading


BY: Adam Gavriel

A report released recently by The Connecticut Policy Institute shows exactly what Connecticut residents have been feeling recently is indeed a fact – gloomy days are here.

The latest data shows that Connecticut job growth has been lagging behind not only the nation, but also the northeast.


From the report:

“The department’s survey of employers indicates three consecutive months of job losses, almost entirely erasing the 10,000-job gain posted in July. Over the summer state officials and other observers celebrated that gain with much fanfare, but as the CPI hypothesized  at the time it appears to have largely been a statistical anomaly. As the charts above and below show, the employer survey’s longer-term trajectory remains one of slow growth, lagging both the country as a whole and most of Connecticut’s northeast neighbors”

Further details show that out of the 9 northeastern states surveyed, Connecticut ranks 7th in both Nonfarm Employment and Residents Employed with growth of 0.6 percent and decline of 0.5 percent respectively.

Despite the uptick in employment for September and October, the household survey continues to show net losses over the year, and Connecticut lagging behind the rest of the nation.

According to CNN Money, Connecticut’s state 8.1 percent unemployment ranks 37th in the United States.

As an employment firm based in Connecticut, we here at Crossroads Consulting do not take too kindly to these numbers. They reflect on us, and on Connecticut as a whole as neighbors, friends, and connections. We know we need to work together to dig out of the hole that the nation was put into with the Great Recession.

With nearly 50 job openings,, many in Connecticut, we hope to make these numbers tick in Connecticut’s favor, and get Connecticut back to where it deserves to be. Let us reach out a helping hand with our recommended resume and interview preparation services.

Remember, we’re here at Crossroads Consulting to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’


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0806_joblessBY: Adam Gavriel

If you are one of America’s 2.2 million jobless, it might be time to start holding your breath.

A report released by USA Today notes that a federal aid program for the long-term unemployed could end in December. It is up to Congress to renew the program.

“About 1.3 million unemployed Americans are set to lose their extended jobless benefits by the end of December if Congress doesn’t renew the program, delivering another blow to struggling households hit with recent cuts in food stamps.”

The article continues: 

“Another 850,000 people would run out of unemployment insurance from January through March when their roughly 26 weeks of state benefits end, according to the National Employment Law Project.”

These benefits that were created when the recession hit in 2008 are at risk of being cut when the programs end on December 28th.

The portion of long-term unemployed receiving benefits currently stands at 34 percent, and this number would drop to 25 percent if the program is abruptly dropped.

This year is different from others, as there appears to be no legislation headed to the floor that this could be attached to. Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics believes that there is no directly relevant bill – like a fiscal cliff package, that the measure could be added to.

“Candace Stewart, 58, says she would have to sell her townhouse if she lost her emergency benefits of about $400 week. Stewart, who was laid off from her job as a quality control inspector last April, has sent out nearly 200 résumés but gotten just two interviews.”

“”There’s just nothing out there to get,” she says.”

Ms. Stewart, and all other unemployed Americans, to quote Bill Clinton, We feel your pain.” That’s why at Crossroads Consulting we treat EVERYONE like human beings and not like a piece of meat. We do NOT rule people out because they have been on the long term unemployment list and do all we can to push our clients to give these folks a hand up. We do not believe the answer is in government hand-outs but in private sector hand-ups. We have endured very hard times ourselves and by no means are any of us out of the woods either. In a company that makes it’s living placing people in jobs, our country just isn’t hiring as much and that puts more pressure on us as each of our employees lives on straight commission…including our owner.

At Crossroads Consulting, we think that the answer to long term unemployment is working harder to find a job and not by extending benefits to those not working. Our hand is out there to help those struggling to get back on their feet the opportunity to do so.  Though life may be knocking you down, winners find a way to get back up just one more time. WE KNOW you can do it and want to do our part in helping you achieve all you can in your career.

We currently have nearly 50 job opportunities we are looking to fill TODAY. If you’re not comfortable in your resume, your interview skills, or your job search preparation, we can help you there too with our recommended services.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and remember that we are here to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources

When he was on the radio, Mitch Beck, the President of Crossroads Consulting used to end each of his shows with a quote that might help you to reach just a little further. “Keep reaching for the stars,” Beck would say. “And you’ll land on the roof. But just reach for the roof and you’ll never get off the ground.”

Your next job is right there for you to take…You just have to go out there and take it. At Crossroads Consulting, we want to see you to land on the roof. We do our part by putting the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’



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