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004f563552ba5b213cb97179bcc2eb14BY: Adam Gavriel

The holiday season is a time that is nearly almost good for nothing for those who are unemployed. It’s an added level of stress, hoping to find out if you’ll be able to give your family the Thanksgiving meal they deserve, or the presents that your children have been begging for. With Thanksgiving just behind us, unemployed Americans, and those around the world, surely might not be too focused on what they have to be thankful for.

An added problem to the holiday season is that outside of seasonal hiring, full-time hiring usually plummets. Most organizations are taking this time to reevaluate their books, and not looking to add another salary expense until the figures take shape for the New Year.

Most blogs around this time of year are going to try and preach to you, and try and tell you what you should be thankful for. They’ll spit clichés like; family, friends, health, well-being, happiness, etc… Now, don’t get me wrong, these are great things to have, things we hope all of you are lucky to have in your lives. But you know that you should be thankful for those things, you don’t need words on a website with an HTML skeleton to tell you that.

We will simply take this blog to wish you the best of luck this holiday season and hoping you find what truly makes YOU thankful. We can’t tell you what to be thankful for, but we can surely wish you the best of luck in finding whatever it is. And if you can’t seem to put anything together, don’t fret.

As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side, and nothing signifies a fresh start like the coming of a New Year. We hope that 2014 will be a bring brighter days for all.

Enjoy your holidays, eat well on your Thanksgiving, and don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and neighbors who you believe may be in need.

If there is anything we can do for you here at Crossroads Consulting this holiday season, please do not hesitate to reach out. With our mission of putting the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’ it is our duty to get you working again. Please come and take a look at our current job openings.

Find what you’re thankful for, and hold on to it forever.

Happy Thanksgiving, from the team here at Crossroads Consulting.


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Find a Job - Business People in MazeBY: Adam Gavriel

Recently on the blog here at Out Of Our Mind, we have posted some resume tips, cover letter tips, and interview tips. All great knowledge to have, but what happens when the traditional means of job searching just aren’t enough?

Many know the value of networking; just how important it is, but we cannot stress enough just how important networking truly is, but there are other factors and other means of obtaining a job, or an opportunity out there – you just need to get creative with it.  Continue reading


Mitch headshot 10-13tBY: Mitch Beck, President , Crossroads Consulting

At Crossroads Consulting, we pride ourselves on being a slightly different kind of recruiting firm as any visit to our own job listings page will prove.

While our primary focus has been, and always will be, to help job seekers find new employment as well as assisting companies to hire the right new employee, Crossroads Consulting is also here to offer successful, tried and true advice that can help improve the work environment for all concerned.

With that in mind, and keeping with our overall theme in terms of how we do things, we present this advice on, “Tips For Succeeding As A Woman In The Workplace!



 BY: Adam Gavriel

In a featured blog released this Tuesday on the Huffington Post, Representative Scott Peters (DemocratCalifornia) preached to the importance of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the United States.

Entrepreneurs and innovative Americans often lead to opening small businesses. If you are new here to us at Out Of Our Mind, we have discussed in the past just how important small businesses are to driving the engine that is the American economy. Continue reading


interview-tips-2BY: Adam Gavriel

Building off of the brilliant post this week from our president, Mitch Beck, on making sure your cover letter is right, we will continue the theme here on the blog of helping you get that job you’re eyeing.

This blog will focus on some more interview tips because let’s be honest, you can never have enough. Recently, we took a look at some questions that you should be asking interviewers, and today we will look at some general interview tips. Continue reading


cover-letter-1024x588BY: Mitch Beck, Owner Crossroads Consulting

In an age where online applications are the norm, some think that the cover letter is obsolete. However, the cover letter is as important as ever in both email and paper applications. You still have to maintain a certain standard of business communication, no matter what medium you use. Being too informal in your communications for any kind of job search will end badly even if you are the perfect candidate.

So how do you write a killer cover letter? Here are some tips to help you out:

Customize the letter for each application Continue reading


veterans_day_2007_poster1aBY: Adam Gavriel

Last Friday, and article at indicated that the Labor Department had released the October jobs report for America. Amidst a government shutdown, the economy was still able to add 204,000 jobs in October. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate ticked up, as expected, to 7.3%

The labor force participation rate fell 0.4 percent to a 35 year low of 62.8% Continue reading