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BY: Adam Gavriel

These days, the competition for jobs starts earlier than you may think.

Internships for students, and even post-grads aren’t just about gaining real world experience anymore, but are becoming a litmus test for employers.

“Internships have transitioned into a 10-week litmus test for a full-time job, with employers flocking to America’s college campuses ever earlier to scoop top talent. Demand for such positions has soared as students, haunted by memories of the recession and the rising cost of college, recognize the potential payoff.”

This quote from a article published today that discusses just how crucial internships, and plenty of them, are becoming for college students.

“’There’s a race for the top students, and once it gets started, it perpetuates itself,’ said Joanne Murray, executive director of the Center for Work and Service at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. ‘Students absolutely understand how valuable internships are.’”

Believe me, they do; and if they don’t, they are surely starting to.

Of the graduating class of 2013, 63% of graduating seniors have participated in some for of an internship position. This figures was the highest recorded since the National Association of Colleges and Employers has been tracking it.

Furthermore, according to the article, 70 percent of the 1,000 college graduates General Electric hires in the U.S. have completed a form of an internship position.

“’Seeing relatives, friends, neighbors, whoever had been affected by the recession, it hits home’ that internships are critical to build  a resume, said Tim Stiles, an associate director of University Career Services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. ‘We’re seeing a lot more students com in as first-years already aware of what an internship is.’”

Whether your 18, and just starting your college career, or 48, and looking to re-enter the workforce, the competition for jobs is always apparent. And as many college seniors are learning (the hard way or the easy way) completing an internship is a critical part of the job searching process.

While at Crossroads Consulting we are more inclined to work as an executive search firm that does not mean we don’t have what you’re looking for if you’re a college student. Our resume service and interview preparation work for anyone of any age, and can do wonders to increasing your chances at landing that job or internship you’re looking for.

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Remember, we’re here to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’


stock-photo-layoffs-and-recession-newspaper-headlines-documenting-deep-job-cuts-24000538BY: Adam Gavriel

Once again, the numbers are not all as they seem.

A report from the Washington Associated Press has new figures coming in that 20 states had to cut jobs in August. This of course suggesting that the modest improvement in the U.S. economy is just that – modest; and not benefiting the entire nation.

“The Labor Department said Friday that 29 states added jobs, while Montana showed no net gain or loss in August. Unemployment rates rose in 18 states, fell in 17 and were unchanged in 15.”

Jim Diffley, chief US regional economist at IHS Global Insight states “the picture is decidedly mixed,” and “we’re still optimistic about the improvement (in hiring), but it’s been slow.”

It sure has, Jim.

“The tepid hiring gains mean that most states still have fewer jobs than they did when the recession began in December 2007. HIS Global Insight forecasts that only 18 states will have returned to their pre-recession job levels by the end of this year.”

The United States still has 1.9 million fewer jobs than before the recession began, and hiring has averaged just 155,000 a month since April.

Nevada, despite adding 11,200 to the payroll number, has the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 9.5 percent. Illinois would come in at second-to-last with 9.2 percent, and North Dakota remains at the top with an unemployment rate of just 3 percent.

It is still baffling to all that the United States economy is as much in shambles as the New York Giants offensive line. And while blowing it up and starting over for the New York Giants might be the correct play, you certainly can’t implode an economy and start from the bottom to move your way to the top.

To help the economy, we need to help each other. We need to work our connections, we need to get diligent in everything we need to do, we need to lend a helping hand. And I say we here referring to us here at Crossroads Consulting, you – reading this blog – and to every American that will listen. It takes a country effort, to rebuild and continue the growth of the nation.

There are jobs out there though, we promise. And at Crossroads Consulting, a professional search firm, we understand that not only are jobs hard to come by – but the competition for these jobs can be fierce.

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???????BY: Adam Gavriel

Hope springs eternal… or at least that’s how the saying goes.

A report recently released from CNN shows that first-time claims for unemployment levels suddenly decreased to their lowest level since 2006 for the week ended September 7th.

“About 292,000 people filed initial claims for unemployment benefits in the week ending September 7, the Labor Department reported Thursday morning. That’s a dramatic 31,000 drop to the lowest level since April 2006.”

Unfortunately, the Labor Department also noted that two states reported incomplete results, and that number is suspected to increase in the next few weeks.

And of course, as with most reported numbers, not everything is as cheery as it seems. 11.3 million Americans still remain unemployed, and this number doesn’t take into account Americans who have left the workforce, underemployed Americans, or those working part-time jobs who are seeking full-time employment.

The Great Recession is aptly named.

CNN continues to report in the article that there are about three unemployed people for every one job opening. Hiring is too stagnant to keep up with the demand of those looking for work, which will continue to mire the American economy in its slow recovery.

“’The underlying story in jobless claims is one of a continued improvement,’ said Yelena Shulyatyeva, a market economist at BNP Paribas. ‘However, as we continue to highlight, claims have not provided the best read on overall labor market conditions since they only capture the pace of firing and not what is happening on the hiring front.’”

These numbers continue to provide the facts, as long as you dig deep enough to find them.

While the released reports last month of the unemployment number dropping paint a rosy picture, the truth is not a simple. This Great Recession is truly that, and the stagnant pace the recovery is going at, will continue to provide the economy we live in with its name.

That’s why at Crossroads Consulting we’re doing everything we can to get the artists to start painting a new picture. With our job openings that we are looking to fill today, we want to hear from you. As an employment agency seeking to help out however we can, please do not hesitate to contact us today. If you’re not comfortable with your resume, we can help you there too with our recommended resume service.

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Remember, at Crossroads Consulting we’re putting the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’


20130202-economyBY: Adam Gavriel

When the unemployment rate falls, on the surface, the books look good. That was the story in August for the United States, as the National unemployment rate fell to 7.3%. Unfortunately, that number falling doesn’t always mean good news, and while it is a microcosm of a measure for the economy, it will never tell the whole story on its own.

According to reports, the U.S. economy added 169,000 jobs in August, and improvement from the 104,000 added in July, yet much lower than economists’ expectations for the month.

Here is where the bad news comes in…

While adding 169,000 jobs in August, reports say that the labor participation rate fell to 63.2%, the lowest rate since August 1978, when 312,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force.


The labor rate participation has been falling since the year 2000, accelerated by the Great Recession that still mires the American economy.

“Economists say there are several reasons for the decline, including the retirement of the baby boomers and fewer students who also work. But the main reason for its recent fall is a lack of good jobs.” 

Wait a minute; people can still afford to retire?

“There are now 90.5 million Americans who don’t work and are not counted as part of the labor force. This excludes kids under the age of 16 and non civilians such as those in the military or in prison, but includes just about everyone else.”

So while the 7.3% number remains to appease the masses, the deeper measures continue to breed pessimism.

At Crossroads Consulting, we want nothing more than to see that number dip below 7% the right way. Dropping that .3% with people entering the workforce, not exiting it. It’s why we try to take such a personal approach with the clients and organizations that we work with.; and trust me, we want to work with everyone.

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Fotolia_welfare employment street signBY: Adam Gavriel

A shocking article released by earlier this week has taken its readers by surprise. The article claims, after a study, that Welfare pays more than minimum-wage work in 35 US States.

In 13 states, Welfare pays more than $15 per hour.


“The current welfare system provides such a high level of benefits that it acts as a disincentive for work,” Tanner and Hughes write in their new paper. “Welfare currently pays more than a minimum-wage job in 35 states, even after accounting for the Earned Income Tax Credit,” which offers extra subsidies to low-income workers who take work. “In 13 states [welfare] pays more than $15 per hour.”

Welfare should not be a solution, not a motivator to “not-work” but a stop-gap principle in the fight on unemployment. A system that can provide Americas unemployed with help when the country falls on hard-times.

President Bill Clinton attempted to continue the American use of Welfare correctly when he signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act into law which required recipients of cash welfare to seek work, or lose their benefits.

“…welfare paid more than $10 an hour in 33 states; 17 paid less than $8 an hour. Comparing the two data sets and accounting for inflation, 18 states saw a decline in the total value of welfare benefits; 32 states and the District of Columbia saw increases.”

These Government programs provide the user a complacent life in a time when the last thing they need to be is complacent. The job search is just that, a job. And if you can get more from you government than you can in an entry-level position building your skills, then it provides a sense of comfort, protection, and lack of motivation to work.

At Crossroads Consulting we understand better than anyone out there that the job search is a painful experience. Our employment agency understands that if there is an easy way out, and one that may even be more profitable for you depending on where you live, that it’s tempting to take those options.

On the other hand, moving to Hawaii and collecting $60K a year in welfare benefits doesn’t sound too bad after all…

No, no, don’t do that. Come to us here at Crossroads Consulting where we can empathize with you in your search. We see it every day, and we want to help more than anything. If you can’t seem to find the career you’re looking for on LinkedIn, or Indeed, come to our website where we have nearly 50 positions we are looking to fill TODAY. If you’re at step one, or new to the job searching process, we can help you there too with our recommended resume and interview preparation services.

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Remember, at Crossroads Consulting we’re putting the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’

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