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BY: Adam Gavriel

When sitting down to think about what truly drives the economy, you can easily come up with a few answers. There are the obvious, job-creation, employment, and consumer spending numbers that seem to be the popular answers. But what about the not so obvious factors? Important factors like small-business hiring and strength, as well as inflation are often overlooked. Of course, the topics that are overlooked are not limited to these two components.

On December 24th, posted a very interesting article concerning automobile and home sales as a driving force in the future of the economy. Continue reading


BY: Adam Gavriel

The struggles of today’s American economy are not just presenting themselves to the small-town America economy; No. The country’s biggest cities are also among those being affected.

At released an article showing the percentage gains and losses in the cities biggest sectors. As with most areas in the country, they have experienced gains in some categories with major losses coming elsewhere.

Chicago’s biggest growths occurred in the Mining and Logging sector, as well as the professional and business services. These are good sectors to grow in being mining and logging involving mass quantities of laborers, while professional and business services includes small-businesses (which we all know is the engine that drives the US economy).

Unfortunately, Chicago received nearly no growth in the education and health services (0.1% growth) as well as a huge loss in retail trade (-4.3%). The loss in retail trade is even more discouraging figuring in holiday hiring in the retail markets.

Here is the full chart of losses and gains in Chicago.


While the countries unemployment rate continues to remain steadily less than 8% Illinois has fallen on harder times than the rest of the nation experiencing an unemployment rate of 8.8%

The country will need it’s major cities, like Chicago, to begin to experience growth in order to change the fate of the rest of the country. We need everyone working together in order to make this recession disappear once and for all.

At Crossroads Consulting, LLC. we are trying to do our part. With job openings across the nation being updated on a daily basis, and a resume service to make sure you’re in the best position with potential employers, it is OUR mission to help get the Unemployment rate to a more respectable figure; and get Americans working AGAIN.

Please don’t give up on your search, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help your search for a career run a little more smoothly. Remember, we’re here to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’


BY: Adam Gavriel

Whether you follow the American DD/MM/YY model, or the European MM/DD/YY model of the date, today’s date is 12/12/12, the last repeating date of this century. To me, this is just another one of those menial things that people tend to make a big deal about for a little bit, and then forget soon after. However this date could bring more in significance due to Madison Square Garden’s 12/12/12 concert to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy tonight, which is sure to be a fantastic event. But I digress…

In honor of the day, here are 12 tips to hopefully get you hired faster!

  1. Make sure your resume is right. Nothing turns off HR professionals quicker than a poorly written resume. Make sure your spelling is correct, and your grammar is top notch.
  2. Include a cover letter. The cover letter seems to be a lost art these days. I know when I get cover letters; I read them word for word. It’s another area to talk about your skills a little more in-depth than your resume to make sure the hiring professional has the most information necessary to gauge your skills.
  3. Connect. Connect. Connect. You never know when your neighbor, acquaintance, friend of a friend, friend, old boss, old co-worker, etc… etc… can come in handy in letting you know about that opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
  4. Take care of your “online persona.” This goes double for recent grads. One of the first thing potential employers is going to do is Google your name. Make sure your Facebook profile is clean, or the privacy settings are set to the max.
  5. LinkedIn. More people need to utilize LinkedIn. I myself have a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn profile, a few online blogs, and a couple of Twitter accounts. When I Google my name the first hit that comes up, aside from a few windsurfing videos of an Israeli man who shares my name (lucky for me), is my LinkedIn profile.
  6. References and recommendations, get them and use them. Another area where LinkedIn comes in handy as friends or employers are able to easily write recommendations for you.
  7. Utilize all available outlets. There are plenty of job boards on the web, not to mention job postings on company websites. The jobs are out there people, find them! (we can help you there….)
  8. Stay productive. As we’ve preached here before, time unemployed is not vacation time. Learn a new skill to put on your resume to set yourself apart from the millions of others out there looking for work. Learn a new language; make sure you utilize all outlets to help you get that position.
  9. If an application allows you to submit samples of your work, DO IT. Self-explanatory here. If you’re applying online and the website allows you to add a sample of work, do it. Writing samples, a work sample, any sample you can think of, upload it. You would be automatically ahead of everyone in the process who skipped that step.
  10. Phone interviews are not phony. If you’re lucky enough to get to this step, make it count. The phone interview is the screening process between those the company is willing to bring in in-person, and those who they will not be “wasting” their time on anymore.
  11. Don’t get down, and keep at it. We know the job-searching process is frustrating and can be, at times, downright devastating. More and more Americans each day are giving up their search to find employment. We implore you to stay at it, and help us get the countries unemployment levels back to a reasonable number!

And of course, last but not least…

  1. USE US HERE AT CROSSROADS CONSULTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are here to help, no way around it. With over 50 current job openings across the nation, and resume optimization services, there is no reason NOT to be checking us out and asking us to assist you in your search for employment.

It is our belief that the job-hunting process should be relatively stress free, and we try to accommodate that mentality into our everyday work ethic. Remember, we’re here to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’

Contact us today!


BY: Adam Gavriel

The November jobs report has arrived and boy was it discouraging.

Gallup reported on Wednesday that there was a huge increase in the United States unemployment number jumping from a reported 7% in October to close to 8% again moving to 7.8% for November. Seasonally adjusted unemployment rose from 7.4% in October to 8.3% over the same time frame.

Though the cause for the huge jump in unemployment is not clear, some economists believe it could be due to jobs lost to the devastating Hurricane Sandy. Economists also believe that it could be due to a very lackluster holiday hiring season.

Looking at November alone, it’s not as bad as it has been as the unemployment rate remains below 8% and at 7.8% is the 2nd best month reported in the year 2012. However after the unemployment rate hit a huge low at 7% in October, and just after the presidential election, it is discouraging to say the least that the unemployment rate is now a reported 7.8%


A report from Bloomberg shows a different side however, reporting that the number of people seeking unemployment fell heavily last week. The report at Bloomberg states that this could be due to those who filed for unemployment in the wake of Hurricane Sandy now back at work. The number reported showing that applicants dropped 25,000 last week and fell to a seasonally adjusted 375,000. In the week ending November 10th, just 12 days before the biggest day of thanks in the nation, unemployment applicants was at 451,000 so it is very encouraging to see that number continue to drop.

From Bloomberg:

“The report is “a positive development for the labor market, which appears to be recovering from the temporary effects of Sandy more rapidly than originally anticipated,” Joseph LaVorgna, an economist at Deutsche Bank, said in a note to clients.”

This report provides little encouragement however on top of the news of the unemployment rate skyrocketing today. Hopefully, as more and more get off of their temporary stay on unemployment aid, the unemployment rate returns to a manageable level.

The news doesn’t end there however. Further reports from Gallup show that Small-Business Owners continue to slow down their hiring. Small-Businesses are the engine that run the United States economy and when they’re not hiring it’s easy to tell which way the economy will head. Net hiring intention for the next 12 months plummeted to -4 matching its previous record low.


Gallup also reported that small-business owners who intend to decrease jobs at their companies sky-rocketed to 21%, while those who intend on adding jobs dropped to 17%


All further signs that this recession is here to stay.

Here at Crossroads Consulting, LLC. we are working to try and keep the unemployment rate in the country as low as possible. We understand that the motor that feeds a strong economy is a strong working class, and getting people in to jobs and lowering the unemployment rate. That’s what we strive to do every day. Check out our listings. We have over 50 positions, many unadvertised on our website. Don’t be shy about applying either; we want to see your resume. If you’re not confident in your resume, don’t worry, we can help you there as well with our recommended resume optimization process.

Remember, at Crossroads Consulting we’re trying to put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources.’