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By: Adam Gavriel

I know we all believe that the hiring process starts and ends with the interview, but the harsh reality becomes that that’s actually much closer to the end of the hiring process than the beginning. Many times it comes down to how you can present yourself before an interview to ensure that you get a shot at the job you’re dying to have. But the fact of the matter is that it all begins with your resume.

A quick Google search of the word “resume” brings up a definition along the lines of, a document to present a person’s skill sets and background to potential employers. A resume, however, is so much more than that. It’s a gateway to who you are for employers before they meet you, and maybe even your only shot at getting into that interview with the firm of your dreams. Continue reading


By: Adam Gavriel

Remember when you were a kid and your whole life was ahead of you? Going into school every day with only the weight of the backpack around you on your shoulders, not caring about what job you were going to try to find when you finished up your schooling, not caring about bills to pay.

Luckily, for me the fine people at Crossroads Consulting were nice enough to offer me this opportunity to take a summer to step into the job-hunting world and hopefully to learn a few things along the way.

And that’s exactly what it is, a hunt. When you’re out hunting you’re not just shooting everything and taking it all home, you’re waiting. Waiting for the one that blows you away, the one you know is the winner, the one you know you want.

Think of Crossroads Consultingas your firing range, there to guide you on your mission, where the hunt begins.

It’s a good day in life when you realize that to seize an opportunity you have to grab it and not let it go, do everything you can to keep it. Crossroads Consultingcan offer you the opportunity to take that moment grab hold and never let it go.

I’m around it every day here at the University at Buffalo School of Management on a somewhat smaller level. My friends and peers all stressing about finding the perfect internship, finding what’s going to be the right foundation for them to get their feet wet in the outside world. And trust me I know more than a few people who could use some of the products that Better Life Group has to offer (to be candid I know a handful of teachers who could use it too). The UB School of Management even offers a 2 credit semester class (MGG 300) in preparing students for “life.” Helping to get their resumes and cover letters in order, telling us about job fairsand even bringing in professionals from the outside world to tell us how important these things are. When sadly it’s simple enough at the beginning of the semester when the professor comes into the room and asks the students, who wants an internship? Everyone’s hand goes up, until the professor drops the bomb by asking, who has an internship lined up? You’ve never seen hands drop faster in your life.

It’s a problem we all have, a problem most people will face. What it comes down to is the drive to get you there. With resume optimization options, job listings, and interview preparation, come on over to Crossroads Consulting and begin your hunt.

(editor’s note: We’re VERY proud that Adam has joined our team. He and Amy will continue all summer long to contribute their thoughts and what they’re learning all summer long…and we could NOT be happier or more fortunate to have two more talented young people to be a part of this company.)


By: Amy Schlubach

A few people I know have used big job board websites to apply for jobs, and for them they claim they were worthless.


It obviously works for some people or they would not exist. Someone must be having some luck using them.

The truth is that luck really does play a big part of it.

On any of the “good jobs” posted, companies and their HR staff receive sometimes hundreds of resumes and nobody has the time to sort through so many, so quite often an initial glance is all you get…sometimes not even that. So your odds of getting an interview, unless your resume is a perfect mirror image of the job description is at best, pretty slim.

“Too often, job seekers turn to large, well-known job boards like Monster, Indeed,, or SimplyHired. But tapping into niche sites, which offer listings for a specific industry or location, increases your chances not only of finding the job you’re looking for, but also of landing that job, experts say.”- U.S News

In other words, if you are applying for jobs listed on the large online job board sites, you could just be wasting your time. If you’re looking for the best place to go to look for the best jobs, try smaller sites like The recruiters at are aware of far more specific positions and will be better suited to guide you to the jobs where you stand the best chance of having success. is speaking to and in direct contact with hiring managers of all kinds of companies; large, small, public and private and in a whole slew of industries. The bulk of their opportunities are ones that are not listed on the job sites out there and can be found either just on their site or not at all.

But to maximize your chances of success, you must network, network, network.

Everyone has heard how important networking is to finding a good job.  If your LinkedIn connections are not helping; if you’ve used your Facebook to death and you’ve tried all the other sites out there, have you included the professionals at Crossroads Consulting yet?

Crossroads Consulting can be your instant connection. The Recruiters at Crossroads Consulting, if you are qualified for it, they “can get you in.”


They know people. Crossroads Consulting has been in business for 15 years. They have great relationships with a multitude of hiring managers in a plethora of industries from entry-level gigs and the way through the top.

The companies Crossroads Consulting works with have hiring managers who tell them both who and what, they are looking for, and then they go out and find it.

If you’re the right fit, then you’re in!

Crossroads Consulting’s staff does not want to see you treated just as a client, but like you’re a friend.  Crossroads will recommend you and “sell” your skills to hiring managers.  You’ll find them all very easy to get along with and because they like to use humor instead of the usually very serious attitude of job hunting, they make it a lot more fun.

What’s most fascinating is their commitment to customer service. They genuinely care about you and want to find you the job that suits you the most.

Using Crossroads Consulting to help you on your job search is like having your friend recommending you to a client who is hiring.  Those little connections matter big time when it comes to job hunting.

To succeed at locating a position in an economy this bad, you need someone to advocate on your behalf. That is what Crossroads Consulting thrives on and it will give you a huge lead into finding a job during these hard times.

Remember, at, it is about putting the ‘human’ back into human resources.


By: Amy Schlubach

Ever since I took this internship with Crossroads Consulting and started writing this blog, I’ve been learning far more about the employment industry and all that surrounds it than I ever thought existed.

For example, while I knew there was stress in the workplace, I may be blonde, but I’m far from dumb, my work with Crossroads Consulting has really opened my eyes to what extent stress is a part or the daily lives of people with all kinds of personalities.

For example, the staff here at Crossroads Consulting all are working on straight commission. For them sometimes thousands of dollars in commission hang on a single phone call or email. Yet all of the people here are in good spirits, work hard and have a great casual attitude that make for a fun environment to work, let alone do business with. Even with big bucks on the line, these Recruiters are joking between themselves and with their clients as well as the candidates calling them for help.

In my own life, I know lots of people who dream of the day when they won’t need to work at all (if they have enough money to live off, of course). Other people I know feel a sense of loss of self-worth if they aren’t working, especially the people I know who have what they call, “Type-A” personalities.

For instance, I have had a few professors who retired for a few years, and decided to work again. They have even said the money wasn’t what was driving them it was the fact that they just wanted to work again. I specifically remember a professor saying to me, “I feel more important when I am working.”

Personally, if I had enough money at or near retirement I’d rather spend my time relaxing. Work would be the last thing on my mind. However, “Type-A’s” feel guilty and useless when they aren’t working or doing something they think is important.

I can’t imagine how “Type-A” people feel after being laid off. Being unemployed for anyone, especially go-getters, like Type-A’s tend to be, would be just as stressful for them as the most stressful job would be for someone less motivated.

Being out of work unwillingly is frustrating and draining enough for anyone.

Fortunately I’ve learned that there’s a n answer for either person. There’s Crossroads Consulting and they are looking for lots of qualified individuals to fill many job openings.

Send your résumé today! It’s the first step in reducing stress in your life.

Where are the jobs in 2011?

By Amy Schlubach

Obviously the downfall of the economy resulted in a huge loss of jobs, but which jobs are hardly affected by the economy?

Jobs in the healthcare field are usually never affected. Doctors and nurses are always in demand, especially with the aging population. Sales representatives and teachers are usually safe as well. When a company is suffering, more sales representatives are hired to market their products. There is a high-demand for mathematics, science, and bilingual teachers.

Teachers, especially those who teach kindergarten through middle school, are needed.

So, what are the best jobs for 2011?

The fastest growing jobs are:

· Consulting

· Elderly Services

· Therapy

· EDP and Internet Hosting and Publishing

· Home Health Care

· Cable and Satellite Programming

· Computer Systems Design

· Mental Health Services (non-physician)

· General Merchandise Retail

· Outpatient Care

· Other Health Practitioners

· Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories

· Employment Firms*

· Waste Treatment

· Physician’s Offices and Administration

· Community and Personal Care Services

· Facilities Support Services

· Administrative and Information Services

· Chiropractors

· Software Publishers

· Education Support Services

· Passenger Transportation (air and surface)

· Daycare (juvenile and adult)

· Independent Writers and Artists

· Optometric and Dental Services

*When jobs are scarce, employment services like Crossroads Consulting, are informed about the best “under the radar” job openings.


By: Amy Schlubach

On Wednesday the 6th, I attended a career fair at Western Connecticut State University. I walked in to a hectic, crowded atmosphere and joined other students and alumni who were anxiously waiting in lines to introduce themselves to representatives of companies.

I talked to a few different representatives about employment opportunities, but strangely, many recruiters weren’t even accepting résumés. They asked interested candidates to apply online. At least if the recruiters were accepting résumés they could have “starred” the ones that belonged to the people they were interested in talking to. Most likely, they will not remember individuals from the fair that apply online.

While Crossroads Consulting wasn’t at this particular event, there is one thing that you can count on and that is being treated like a person. The company motto is, “We’re putting the ‘Human’ back into ‘Human Resources.’” The first rule at maintaining that philosophy at Crossroads Consulting is treating each person like they matter. While Crossroads Consulting does take applications on line, if you call you will be treated with the same respect that they want for themselves AND you’re libel to have a laugh or two along the way.

I thought the job fair was not very useful. I guess job fairs could be helpful for networking, but mostly I picked up some brochures and learned information about companies that I probably could have just found online.

To skip the job fair hassle and find a sampling of what employment opportunities exist, check out the Job Openings section at the Crossroads Consulting website.