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By Amy Schubach

I was at a store last week and kept hearing a rather loud, not-so-great sounding cough coming from an employee. It only became grotesque when she rang me out and had to keep covering her mouth. I was terrified I would catch her awful cough. I started to think, why did she come to work and why isn’t her boss sending her home?

This event got me wondering if a lot of people go to work sick? According to an online survey 67% of employees admit to “at least someone frequently” coming to work when they are feeling ill. Half of employees said their managers encourage them to stay home if they aren’t well, but 11% said their bosses frown on them taking sick days.

Employees who do not receive paid sick days probably come to work sick more often. For the employees that do receive pay on a sick day, they probably come to work sick because they feel like they will fall behind in the work load.

Not only could a sick employee get another employee sick, but he/she could also cause customers to back away. Interestingly, Connecticut could become the first state in the nation with a mandatory sick pay day bill (News 8), which I think makes good sense.

For help finding a job in Connecticut (the future state for a healthy workplace) check out Crossroads.

(Amy offers her personal opinion on this issue, not the opinion of Crossroads Consulting, LLC or it’s management.)


By Amy Schlubach

Before I joined the Crossroads Consulting team, I didn’t know much about employment agencies.  I knew they existed, but didn’t see the benefits.  Now I see they have tremendous benefits, and would probably consider using an agency (Crossroads) in the future.

I love the idea that recruiters do all the work for you.  All you have to do is get acquainted with them, give your resume, and they will work hard to find you the perfect fit at no charge.  There is no need to go out and apply for every job listing.  You can concentrate on other important things in your life, while someone does the leg work for you.

Good agencies, like Crossroads Consulting, have connections.  They know about tons of job openings and know hiring managers from many different fields.  They also have access to “hidden” jobs that no one else knows about.  It is certainly very difficult to find out about the great under-the-radar jobs without some type of connection.

If anyone is looking for a job, I would recommend using Crossroads Consulting.  The company has access to tons of job openings and “inside information.”  So why not have the annoying job searching process done for you by an excellent, trusted company?

The TweetChat

By Amy Schlubach

Social Media is making it easier for organizations to communicate with their customers.  Besides Facebook, Twitter is also a useful site for companies to use.  Companies and customers can chat back and forth using TweetChat.   Twitter’s definition: “TweetChat helps put your blinders on to the Twitter-sphere while you monitor and chat about one topic.”

For no cost, a person, or an organization can search any type of topic, using a hashtag (#), and can join the streaming chat.  For companies, it is a great way to meet others in the industry, or to just share information with interested people.

So, using my own Twitter account I checked out the #unemployment conversation.  Most of the conversation consisted of people complaining about not having a job, facts about unemployment rising, and some of the tweets were just confusing or off topic.

To try to help out the unemployed, I recommended Crossroads Consulting’s great services.  It wasn’t easy to chat “back and forth” because the tweets were coming in so fast and with the broad topic the tweets were all quite different, but I hope my post could help someone looking for a job.

I think TweetChat is a great way to get the word out about any type of topic.  It’s a great way for companies to learn about their industry, and they can chime in the conversation at any time.  It is also good for just the average person to talk to a whole community about a specific topic of interest.


By Amy Schlubach

Technology is just advancing so fast it’s hard sometimes to envision a world without it. The other end of that is that the more technologically advanced we get, the smaller the world gets.

With Blackberries, I-Pads, I-Phones and Androids and so on, are all getting more and more advanced with apps that can do more and more.  These days you can’t go anywhere and lose your connection to friends and family. It can be a terrific boon to your social life, but for every positive, there usually an equal negative.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just leave work and literally leave work?

A friend of mine is constantly getting calls from co-workers asking questions. If that’s not enough, she has to take time out of her days off to respond to e-mails from her cell phone.

For all its wonderful advances, it seems like technology makes everyone’s job a 24-hour affair.

The inability to escape work-related stress is now practically everywhere.

Employers expect that workers will now check their business email from a home computer or dealt with on their cell phones.  It is becoming more and more difficult to separate the personal life from the work life.

Even when people leave work they can be stressed thinking about it, so some are voluntarily checking their e-mails to ease their minds.  According to Business Insider, a study showed 25% of people check into work hourly while on vacation, via email and phone. 59% said they check work during traditional holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Business Insider also found 25% of employees say work is their main source of stress and 40% say their job is “very or extremely stressful.”

“It’s a Small World,” the Disney song once said. Technology is making it smaller almost by the minute.

At Crossroads Consulting let us help you find your little corner of the world by finding you the right job for you and cut some of that unwanted stress in your life.