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By Amy Schlubach

While continuing on my quest of researching all sorts of issues regarding employment, I read something rather interesting to share with you.

Of all the possible benefits an employer could offer, 49% of the 271 people questioned in the poll stated that they felt a flexible work schedule was the most important over health programs and training.

Count me among the 49% who support this concept.

Who wouldn’t love a job where you had freedom to work when you wanted to?  Not too many jobs depart from the typical five-day-in-the-office work schedule, but a friend of mine has just been granted the privilege of working from home one day per week and is thrilled about it.

More and more companies have started to allow some of their employees to work from home, at least some of the time.  With the increased ability of remote technology that allow employees to accomplish their assigned tasks on their home-office computers, why wouldn’t some jobs allow employees to work from home more?



By Amy Schlubach

It seems we can’t escape from Facebook these days. Just the other night my cousin and I were late-night snacking on a bag of chips and noticed the back said, “Be our fan on Facebook.” We laughed that even junk food companies want people on their Facebook page. It was also no surprise that last night leaving the gym I saw another slogan asking for fans on Facebook. I feel bombarded with Facebook everywhere I go, yet it’s normal nowadays.

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