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Before we go any further, 2010 for the vast majority of us, stunk. We hope that ALL of us have a better 2011…if you’re anything like us…you need it to be.

While reading CNN’s website about how bad things are right now, we were blown away that even two years into the Obama administration and all the “stimulus packages” that the nation’s unemployment rate is still at 9.8%. Here in Connecticut it’s not that much better than the national number with unemployment at 9%. So much for the wealthy not being affected.

These are some of the highest numbers in decades.

To make matters worse the Connecticut Department of Labor reports that an estimated 21,000 have run out of their 99-week unemployment.

People now have no jobs and no unemployment.

Crossroads Consulting is a full-time and permanent placement employment agency and search firm.  In these hard economic times everyone it seems, needs someone to give them a helping hand or an opportunity to get back on track.

Barbara R. wrote us on July 20, 2010 “It was a pleasure speaking with you today, and I hope to hear more about this position!  I have to tell you, I really enjoyed your posting for the job.  It’s the first one I’ve come across that made me crack up (first) and then feel that “ping” of excitement.  I would imagine working with your firm is a blast, and I hope to have the pleasure of not only working with you on this one, but continuing what appears to be a long and very successful relationship with the hiring company.”

Our motto really sums up our attitude, “Putting the ‘human’ back into Human Resources.”  We believe in doing things WAY differently than other recruiters.

Why put more than just a little humor into the things we’re doing. Looking for a job, especially in times like these, sucks! There’s no other way to put it. Why not be able to at least have a laugh or two along the way and out ads and attitude reflect that.

At Crossroads Consulting, we believe that every person needs to be treated like a human being, and finding, not just “a position” for you, but the “RIGHT position” for you. Please feel free to contact us at (203) 459-9969, and check out our website for our list of CURRENT OPENINGS.

So from all of us here at Crossroads Consulting, we really hope that this coming 2010 FAR exceeds how lame 2010 was. We wish for you nothing but the very best of everything in the coming year and hope that if you are looking for a job that you find one and that if we can be of any help at all that you’ll call upon us.