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Hoping your Thanksgiving was a a great time for you and your family, we’re sitting here trying to think of things that we can share with you.

What can Crossroads Consulting, LLC do for you?

The obvious is help you find a new job, or help you find the new employee that you’ve been after.

But that’s not really what we had in mind.

What we are thinking is what can we offer in terms of help, in terms of service and in terms of your basic human dignity that we can offer to make your life and your employment situation improve.

Please, by all means respond to this posting.

Share with us your thoughts and what you are looking for and how we can help.

Together, let’s make this site all it can be.


When you’re searching for employment the weekends can seem to drag on forever…and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Over the 14+ years that Crossroads Consulting has been in business, we’ve seen it all. Lots of highs and now lots of lows.

When you’re working and busy, the weekends seem to go by in a blink as your thoughts get filled with the expectation of what you have in store for yourself when you get to your desk or on the road (as the case may be) on Monday.

However, when you’re out of work or things aren’t going well, the weekends can drag on as the feelings of nothing to do on Monday or less to do fills up the back of your mind.

How do I know this so well? Our earnings are down a HUGE amount and it’s created a gigantic problem for me too… What do I do to fix it? Where am I going to find any better jobs than the same ones that people out there are finding? How am I going to pay the bills?

Trust me…I’m feeling all of it too.

But you know what? I’ve decided that enough is enough.

I’m tired of the pity party. I’m tired of filling my head with excuses for my own failures and I’m tired of the Weekend Blues.

I’m doing something about it. To hell with the “bad economy.”

Joseph P. Kennedy, father of John F. Kennedy (or was it Bluto in “Animal House” I’m not quite sure) is attributed with being the first to say it, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Let’s make a pact together shall we?

We’re done feeling sorry for ourselves. We’re going to work together to turn this whole thing around.

We’re NOT going to wait for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to fix it…not that they could anyway…You and I are going to fix it.

We’re going to fix it the way that every American hero has done it…With grit, determination and hard work.

Here’s an opportunity. At Crossroads Consulting I’m looking to hire some straight commission sales people to learn to be recruiters and together we’re going to pull this thing together and we’ll all be better off for it.

If you’re interested…especially if you are a disenfranchised Recruiter looking to get back in the game…get in touch with me at

If you just want a job…I can’t promise you anything, but I can do my best to help.

If you need work on your resume, we do that too. While other companies are charging $400-$500 for a resume, we’re charging $100. You can sign up for it here.

I’m suddenly channeling my own inner Bluto Blutarsky (<—Click this link for the video):

Now…who’s with me? LET’S DO IT!!!


At we care about people. I’d say we “Feel your pain,” but we’re not looking to sound like Bill Clinton, but it’s an accurate phrase.

If you don’t think this economy hasn’t hurt us too you’re entirely wrong. The last 18 months have whacked us like we were “Sport” Higgins and the economy was Travis Bickle.  Try making a living in the employment industry at a time when companies aren’t hiring. My checkbook looks like Joan Rivers without any makeup…it’s not a pretty sight.

But with all of that I still have much to give thanks for this “Thanksgiving.” For one reason, you’re reading these wacky words that I’m floating through this, “Series of tubes,” as United States Senator Ted Stevens called them. I’m also thankful that in spite of all my personal dilemmas, my kids are still happy and healthy. My wife…well that’s another story.

What you need to do for yourself now is give yourself a pat-on-the-back and start giving yourself credit for the things that you do have. Someone once told me that when you go to bed, give yourself a checklist.

Did you eat today?

Are you still breathing?

Do you still have a roof over your head?

If you can answer, “Yes” to all three then guess what? You won.

Nobody has a guarantee about tomorrow but it can still happen for you. What you need to do is give yourself the ability to win. can help. Not only do we have jobs open that we are trying to fill, but we also offer for a VERY nominal charge, Interview Preparation for that big upcoming job opportunity. We also offer a very inexpensive resume service that can get your CV right and ready to get you in the door in the first place.

So as you approach Thanksgiving, and are fighting to make your life what you want it to be, instead of hitting the road and battling the world for presents in shopping hell, give yourself or someone you love something that will have more meaning…Help them get a good job with either our interview or our resume services.

Most of all, give yourself a break and let’s attack this problem together. We can possibly help both of us and then we’ll both truly have some Thanks-Giving that we both can be happy about.


Yesterday we wrote about taking charge of your own job search. Today we will write just a bit on how we can help.

NOBODY should ever rely solely upon a Recruiter(s) to find them a job. Jobs don’t rain out of the sky and fall upon you. They need to be hunted down and captured.

The first weapon in your arsenal is your resume.

At Crossroads Consulting, we have a resume service. We charge far less than our competitors. If you’ve invested that kind of money, and we’ve heard some charge anywhere from $400-$500, you’re being taken for a ride. We charge $100 and to tell the truth there are times where we think that’s even too much. But as the saying goes, time is money.

We’ve seen some of these “resumes”  and laugh at what’s on them. Remember this…a resume is a piece of advertising. It’s meant to be short, sweet and too the point. If it isn’t, it’s just not going to get read by anyone in these insane days that we’re living in.

Your resume needs to be focused in on the job at hand. It needs to speak to the person quickly and succinctly and it needs to be well written.

Crossroads Consulting can help you with that as we said with our resume service if you’re so inclined, but we’d rather see people take on their own  resumes and do the right thing.

What we want to accomplish here is empowering people to help themselves, so with that in mind, let’s talk about your resume questions.

Submit a question to this posting and we’ll answer any of them that you might have.

Also, if there are topics you’d like us to write about, let us know. I know we can appear to be harsh…that’s the problem with reading something versus talking to someone on the phone, , but truly, we want to help people. That’s what this is all about.

So bring on your questions and let’s help you reach your goals…


So you’re looking for a job?

Times are tough out there and you find yourself on the outside looking in?

What to do?

You could do like so many others are doing and just quit, give up and collect from the Federal government and be a burden to the rest of society… That’s always an option…especially from a government that seems to be encouraging that these days…


You can fight back. Take control of your own life and get yourself into the game.

If you find a recuriter out there that you trust, and I certainly hope that you trust us here at Crossroads Consulting, LLC and try and establish a relationship with your recruiter of choice and hope for the best. One thing you’ll always be assured of here is that you will get nothing but the truth from us, even if that truth isn’t what you want to necessarily hear.

The other thing that you can do is pick yourself up from the kicking to the ground that you’ve taken and get out there.

What do I mean?

Spend some time on the computer and target companies that a) you would have some interest in working for and b) that you think would have some interest in talking with you. The best choice for the latter is to call competitors of your most preficous company…especially if you spent any kind of significant time at all working there. Find out who the person is that you would be reporting to, and here’s the part that takes some courage…JUST SHOW UP and try and get an interview.

That’s bold…there’s no doubt about that, but in this marketplace you have to do whatever you have to do to make something happen for yourself. If you’re in sales, what better way to demostarte to a Sales Manager that you’re not afraid of cold-calling then to show up like a cold -call and sell yoruself.

Essentailly that’s what we as Recruiters are doing for you. We do it slightly differently in that we have contacts with many of the management teams of companies all over a particular region and when we’re impressed with a particular candidate we pick up the phone and start making calls on your behalf.

It sounds a lot simpler than it really is…the recruiting side that is. But the bottom line is that things happen when you shake things up.

It’s not easy right now. I’m not going to kid you. We’ve taken a gigantic hit over the last couple of years ourselves, but I get myself up and into the office everyday even when I don’t feel like it and get right back in there.

You can do it too. Don’t lose faith in yourself. That’s the one thing that nobody should ever be able to take away from you. I’ve had my own battles with it the last two years and it’s a process that you have to go through in order to give yourself that competitive edge to win out on jobs over so many other deserving people.

There are opportunities out there. You just have to get out there and find them.

We’re here to answer any of your questions and help you us much as possible. Feel free to call us at 203-459-9969 anytime Monday through Friday from 9-5 or you can email us anytime at A good recruiter who genuinelly cares about the people they work with, which we like to think that we do, are hard to find. That’s why we have the motto, “Crossroads Consulting, LLC., We’re putting the ‘Human’ back into Human Resources.”

This is your wake-up call.

It’s a brand new day.