Monthly Archives: December 2009

Hello world!

The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place. Information is at the point where just about as quick as you think of it there are already five websites dedicated to it.  The employment world is not different.

There are more and more sites popping up all over the place. Different sites that all do different things. We’re still waiting for the employment site to pop up that just sends you money for no apparent reason… Oh wait there already is…it’s called the US Government…but that’s a different story altogether.

Here’s what we’re hoping to accomplish with this blog.

We’re going to try and discern for you various things that we’re seeing out there and how they can help or hurt you in your job search OR in your hiring process.

For the job seeker, in the weeks to come we’ll share with you some tips for locating a job; how to increase your chances in an interview; improve your resume and so on.

For the companies out there hiring, we’ll offer some tips from other professionals on what trends they are seeing in the resumes they’re reviewing or any other information that seems pertinent to sharing with you.

We are totally open to suggestions and topics that might appeal to you for us to share. If you have suggestions, by all means either post them here or feel free to drop us a note at info at crossroadsconsulting dot com. (We have to post it that way to avoid the spammers…yet another of the ways of the world).

SO with a first posting out of the way…let’s start looking at the world before we go OUT OF OUR MIND….